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If you seek easy answers and sympathy; a pedestal for pity and lament, and ask yourself “what’s in it for me?” You are at the wrong place. But if like our extraordinary community, you have a story to share, an ear to lend, a collaboration to make and interact with those who have the same fears and dreams, you have arrived. Your disability or ability does not matter to us. It’s what you have achieved or want to achieve despite being able or disabled that really matters.

Show us that spark, brighten this place a bit more, together we can, so register and let’s begin the next step in your life journey and ours.

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“I don’t believe in telling people what they should or can do, I believe in showing them how it is done” We have been growing in a society where the term ‘disability’ is associated with a stigma, a sense of uncalled for classification on the rise. Which then calls for a growing need for sheer change in the perspective. A perspective that is not sympathy or empathy even, but a simple commitment to building an inclusive environment.

My blindness was discovered when I was seven or eight years old. I was left with two choices; either to make it or to break it. We need to acknowledge that disability is very real and feel that the true injustice lies not in the use of disability as a descriptor or identity, rather how the society perceives the term and those who identify with it. Disability does not mean someone is broken, and certainly does not mean that the individual is inferior. With this belief, I chose to make it.

Today, I am a corporate trainer, motivational speaker, leadership coach and an author. Little joys of everyday life like my morning cup of tea and playing with my grandkids keeps me going. As a society we have a lot of work to do to embrace disability as both a term and an identity. For this very reason I resonate with The Firefly World closely. A global initiative to create level playing field for the disabled and able-bodied. The idea is to eliminate thoughts that perhaps perpetuate the stigma. To break societal constructs that stop us from seeing beyond our senses, from exploring our potentials and constructs that deprive us of our joys of being who we truly can be. The community is not only for the disabled, it is for every individual who has a story to share. For every individual who is willing to inspire and be inspired. A community that welcomes everyone who wants to discover the fire within.

Preeti Monga
Firefly, Blind Expert

What you

Firefly World brings together two facets of our society, the able and the disabled, to share their experiences so that both can benefit from each other. We’ll be glad to help you find the best way you can help and who you should get in touch with, from the NGOs listed below. Please fill in the short form below and our experts will get back to you soon. (West Bengal)
Dedicated to welfare, growth and development of underprivileged children from marginalized communities and protecting rights of phisically challenged children & disabled persons. (New Delhi)
Helping the cause of mentally challenged, multiple-disabled and autistic persons. (New Delhi)
Not-for-profit organisation working in the area of education of blind children, empowerment of blind women, and inclusion of people with disabilities. (Bangalore)
Promotes access to quality healthcare, education, and livelihood for persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability. (Dehradun)
Voluntary organization working with children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities (Mumbai)
Provides a spectrum of customized services ranging from early intervention, education, therapy, counseling and MDVI awareness for children with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (Mumbai)
To create comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the persons with disabilities so as to facilitate integration into the mainstream of the society

IMPORTANT- Do not commit any time or money to any of these organization until you have asked our experts for advice.



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